Monday, 5 February 2007

Does the world owe you or do you owe the world?

"I realized that it was up to me and me alone to make a success out of my life. This is perhaps the biggest lesson that this book taught me. Before I read this book, I had this belief that just because I was intelligent, the world owed me something. After reading this, I began to wonder what value I really had to offer to the world. I might be intelligent, but if I spent all my time in the corner ranting about how the world owed me something, I would be wasting my life. I needed to use my intelligence for my own benefit, to get off my lazy behind and do something with it, or else it would just fester and rot." in The Simple Dollar Blog.

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VampyraS said...

You are the world... my world!!
Does your world own me? Yes... and Ii hope that can be forever and ever... and of course Im own of my world... YOU!!!

Love You So Much =)* My Sweet Puko Thing