Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Watch time is it?

After some weeks brainstorming, I finally decided for the Seiko Premier Kinetic Perpetual SNP005P1 wrist watch. I ordered it from Ebay and it came two work days afterwards new and shinning.
As I'm just starting my career, some of you might ask: why on earth would you be spending *that* amount of money in just a watch? For those i recommend you read a great post at Tony Rush's blog (it didn't cost $8000, but the idea is generally the same).
So here is the picture. It looks great doesn't it? :-)


Ni said...

Yes, it does!! ;)

Não conhecia a tua presença no meu cantinho, muito menos as "saudades"...
Fico muito feliz :)
Espero vir a preencher alguns minutos da tua leitura e não só, contados por esse fantástico relógio.

Beijo da Ni*

Scribe Writer said...

Yes it does look great, just wondering how you feel about the watch now as I was asked what I wanted for Xmas by my GF and I mentioned this watch. Oh, one thing - can the strap be replaced? I prefer expanding watch straps and just wondered if this is possible to use with this model? Cheers! SW